Natural Constipation Remedies

The 3 Most Natural Constipation Remedies Of All

natural constipation remedies


It may not be the most pleasant subject, and certainly not one to bring up at the dinner table, but if you’re suffering with constipation it can begin to take over your life.

The bloating, the flatulence and the constant discomfort in your abdominal region can negatively affect everything from your appetite to your sleep pattern, even your sex life!

But how to remedy it?

We’ll look at three simple things you can do to make it go away in a moment, but first, it may help somewhat if you understand why it comes about in the first place.

Constipation In Pregnancy

In this article, these are going to be generalisations.  For example, some women in the first trimester of pregnancy may experience constipation.  There are so many changes taking place in a woman’s body at such a time that it is beyond the scope of this article to address that, or other complex scenarios.  However, the general advice in the case of pregnancy seems to be that should the symptoms persist beyond the first trimester then medical assistance should be sought.

In general, however, for most adults – and indeed children, the first suspect and the usual culprit is lifestyle and diet.

(Yes … those boring old adversaries!  But the good news is, they’re easy to remedy and totally under your control.)

Natural Constipation Relief

In order for the body to sift the waste matter from the nutritional goodies and then to pass that waste matter smoothly through the bowel, it really requires two ingredients, plus a little help from you.  Just a little.

The two ingredients it needs are water and insoluble fibre.

Insoluble fibre is what my mother used to call “roughage” – it’s the part of the food that doesn’t get digested.  The kernels of sweetcorn are a good example, but by no means the only ones.

All bean and pulses, (yes baked beans too), have those skins which provide roughage.

Whole grain breads and pasta can also provide some roughage.  And porridge is a very good source of it too. But if you don’t like porridge for breakfast, you could switch to a bran based cereal, or add bran to the one you prefer already.

Crunchy fruits and vegetables have a decent supply of this fibrous wonder, as do some nuts, especially almonds, pecans and walnuts.

The accepted medical wisdom is that you should consume around 18 grams of this kind of fibre a day – most people are consuming 14 grams or less.  It doesn’t sound like a lot, but if makes the difference between being free of the anguish of constipation and living with it indefinitely, a little change in your diet suddenly doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

Natural Detox Methods

Now, the second ingredient your body needs is water.

It should go without saying, but culturally we’ve become adept at dehydrating ourselves.

Water, the wet stuff that comes from the kitchen tap or faucet is best – and avoids all the confusion about whether caffeine or decaff drinks cause dehydration.

It seems that two or three cups of coffee a day is now considered perfectly fine, with the water cancelling out the dehydrating effect of the caffeine.

However, that information is generalised – it wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular – and certainly not to people suffering with constipation.

Whilst you don’t want to saturate yourself either, upping your consumption of plain water each day by a glass or two wouldn’t be too onerous, would it?

You see, the water and the roughage work together.  You don’t want all that fibrous stuff getting too dry – it will become like sawdust and just stick to the lining of your gut.

But when it’s wet it creates a nice, soft bulky stool that travels easily through the intestine to its final destination … at last!

A Little Help From You – Exercise!

Yes, the third ingredient comes not from your diet, but from movement!

(Why do you suppose it’s called that?  Well, maybe not, but it’s a good connection to make!)

If your lifestyle is to roll out of bed to your car to your office chair, then back to your car only to hit your sofa at the first opportunity, your body is going to let you know that it’s struggling.

Bodies were designed to move.  It isn’t only your skeletal muscles that get some kind of workout when you move, it’s your internal organs too.

The bowel produces a muscular movement known as peristalsis to form and move your stools from stomach to anus … and out.

It doesn’t need a lot of help, but it does need some.

You don’t have to be training for a marathon or hitting the gym five times a week to keep constipation at bay.  Just three brisk twenty minute walks a week, perhaps, would do.

Thirty minutes would be better, but even if you did ten minutes on some days, it’s better than the almost motionless lifestyle it’s now possible to have.

Fibre. Water. Movement.

That’s all it takes.  Now, that wasn’t so bad was it?

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